Matt's Bio

Starting in my undergrad I conducted stream ecological research on diatoms, aquatic insects and water chemistry.  After graduating in 2002 with a Bachelors in Biology, I studied cancer genetics at the University of Iowa.  In 2003 I moved to Arizona and started working as the lab tech for the Phoenix College Biology Department.  While working I earned a Masters in Plant Ecology in 2006.  During my graduate studies I conducted research on phylogenetic relationships within the cactus genus Ariocarpus.  My Masters thesis was on Sonoran Desert plant soil relationships.  Shortly after earning a Masters degree I began teaching, also within the Phoenix College Biology Department.  I have taught a variety of subjects including bio100, bio108, bio156 and bio182.  Since this time I have been involved with various other research projects involving desert grassland fire ecology, ephemeral stream plant ecology and geomorphology, and ecology and chemistry of compost. 

I have been involved with mentoring students through research projects for about seven years.  Student projects I have helped mentor have been diverse, most often within the subjects of microbiology, genetics and plant biology.  I thoroughly enjoy working with student, teaching and challenging them on how to carry out a research project and how to succeed in college and life.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my wife and three kids.  In my leisure time I like to do just about anything outdoors such as hiking, kayaking and gardening. 

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